Hurricane Rina Begins Turn to Northwest

Hurricane Rina turns towards Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

Hurricane Rina still a Category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 110 mph …175kph and gusts to 225 kph or 140 mph is now moving to the west northwest as was predicted slowly at 4 mph.

The Mexican Government has extended the Hurricane Warning and Tropical Storm Warnings, hurricane warnings are now in effect from Cancun to San Felipe and a Tropical Storm Warning from San Felipe to Progresso which is on the Gulf coast near Merida. Also Tropical Storm Warnings continue in effect for Chetumal to Punta Gruesa.

Mapping Image of Hurricane Rina with changes to her Course and Direction.

Image of Hurricane Rina with current changes in direction and speed.

As you can see from the map Hurricane Rina is projected to pass slightly to the south west of Cozumel Island sometime during the day Thursday as she makes her way to landfall near the resort town of Playa del Carmen.

Tropical Storm Winds should start battering the coast of Mexico and Cozumel Island Later today, those who want to leave Cozumel before Rina makes her humble arrival must leave before 9PM Wednesday. All vehicles ferry service to and from Cozumel is already suspended and the vessels have been moved to Puerto Aventuras for safety.

After 9PM tonight all passenger ferry service will be suspended unless conditions require suspension prior as all passenger ferry vessels also are moved to Puerto Aventuras Marina for safe keeping. Nobody wants a repeat of Wilma where the ferry in Puerto Morelos waiting to long and was forced aground by the impending storm.

Hurricane Rina could still increase to a Category 3 hurricane sometime today or overnight as it continues in warm waters and moves closer to the coast and then take a turn more to the north northwest as it passes the southwestern tip of Cozumel in Quintana Roo and then turn more to the north before turning away towards Cuba.

Classes are suspended in all schools at all levels in and around Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen and south to Tulum including Cozumel since most of the schools are used as evacuation shelters.

Holbox Island has been given the Evacuation Order for tourists and residents to leave the island, all around Playa del Carmen businesses are boarding up their storefronts and preparing for the impact sometime Thursday of Hurricane Rina.

We will keep you up to the minute with information as we have it.

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