Cancun & Riviera Maya Hurricane Season

As we are approaching the beginning of the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season (june 1st) I see more and more people searching for information on the season, weather forecast for Cancun and Playa del Carmen, 10 day forecasts and so on.  So I thought apt to do as I do each year and get a preparation […]

Tropical Storm Rina Closing in on Playa del Carmen

Hurricane Rina weakens to a Tropical Storm as she approaches Cozumel. NOAA Hurricane Hunter Aircraft found a weaker Rina moving towards the coast of Mexico’s Riviera Maya at about 6 mph with winds of 75 mph she is now officially a Tropical Storm. Mexico’s Government has changed the Warnings from Hurricane Warnings to Tropical Storm […]

Rain Continues in Cancun and Riviera Maya June 28, 2011

Good Morning and happy 2011 Hurricane Season here in Mexico.  Well while the Pacific Coast of Mexico has already enjoyed the rains and of 2 tropical systems that moved across the area including the very wet Hurricane Beatriz who is nothing more than a memory.  On the Caribbean coast as well as the Gulf of […]

INVEST 96L Cancun – Playa – Riviera Maya

Well that area of disturbed weather in the Caribbean is now INVEST 96L a low pressure with a poorly defined cetner of circulation with winds of 26 mph / 40 kph moving EAST if you will. Currently the National Weather Center in Mexico has issued at 3PM today a SEVERE STORM WARNING for Quintana Roo, […]

Tropical Storm Matthew Downgraded to Tropical Depression

Tropical Storm Matthew has been downgraded to a Tropical Depression but dumping torrential rains on Central America. Tropical Depression Matthew continues over land moving West Northwest at 15 mph / 22 kph and has not yet slowed down.  The steering winds are expected to break down over the next 24 hours and the system should […]

Tropical Storm Matthew Update 2 Saturday September 25, 2010

Tropical Storm Matthew the 18th named Tropical Event of the 2010 Hurricane Season moved over land in Nicaragua early this morning and is currently moving again over land in Honduras tracking to the West Northwest across Central America.  Tropical Storm Matthew is producion TORRENTIAL RAINS in Central America.  Matthew is packing winds of 45 mph […]

INVEST 95 Now Tropical Storm Matthew

INVEST 95 during the last few hours became Tropical Depression 15 and now is Tropical Storm Matthew. Tropical Storm Matthew continues to move to the west towards the western Caribbean Sea but what can we expect from him in the next couple of days will depend on various factors including a Cold Front that will […]

INVEST 95 to Threaten Mexican Caribbean Coast

The next system up for a pass along the Caribbean Coast of Mexico is INVEST 95 a low pressure system out in front of a Tropical Wave moving right now west from the southeastern Caribbean towards the coast of Nicaragua.  At the current speed the low pressure area should reach Nicaragua on Saturday and most […]

Hurricane Karl Makes Landfall in Veracruz

Hurricane Karl has made landfall just a few minutes ago near Puerto Veracruz and continues moving inland but a bit weaker.  Now a Category 2 hurricane with winds of 110 mph / 175 kph and is currently about 25 kilometers west of Puerto Veracruz and heading for Cordoba Veracruz and then onto Puebla. A Hurricane […]


Hurricane Karl who just 2 days ago passed to the south of Mexicos Mega Tourist Area Cancun, Riviera Maya and the Costa Maya as just a Tropical Storm leaving our area the day of the storm with partly sunny skies and nice weather has set its sights on Veracruz as a Dangerous Category 3 Hurricane. […]