Cancun & Riviera Maya Hurricane Season

Mexican Caribbean looks clear for Cancun and Mexico's Caribbean Coast at least for the next few days.

As we are approaching the beginning of the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season (june 1st) I see more and more people searching for information on the season, weather forecast for Cancun and Playa del Carmen, 10 day forecasts and so on.  So I thought apt to do as I do each year and get a preparation […]

Tropical Storm Rina Closing in on Playa del Carmen

Satellite and updated projected path of Rina showing the potential for her turning back to the south after emerging into the northern Caribbean and making another pass at Mexico or the Cayman Islands.

Hurricane Rina weakens to a Tropical Storm as she approaches Cozumel. NOAA Hurricane Hunter Aircraft found a weaker Rina moving towards the coast of Mexico’s Riviera Maya at about 6 mph with winds of 75 mph she is now officially a Tropical Storm. Mexico’s Government has changed the Warnings from Hurricane Warnings to Tropical Storm […]

INVEST 96L Cancun – Playa – Riviera Maya

Tropical Satellite Closeup Cancun and The Riviera Maya

Well that area of disturbed weather in the Caribbean is now INVEST 96L a low pressure with a poorly defined cetner of circulation with winds of 26 mph / 40 kph moving EAST if you will. Currently the National Weather Center in Mexico has issued at 3PM today a SEVERE STORM WARNING for Quintana Roo, […]

INVEST 95 to Threaten Mexican Caribbean Coast

Invest 95 taking aim at Central America and then the Caribbean Coast of Mexico

The next system up for a pass along the Caribbean Coast of Mexico is INVEST 95 a low pressure system out in front of a Tropical Wave moving right now west from the southeastern Caribbean towards the coast of Nicaragua.  At the current speed the low pressure area should reach Nicaragua on Saturday and most […]

To Cancel or Not To Cancel?


Frequently I get e-mails from visitors to the different websites or forums that I write for or moderate asking the question; Should I cancel my trip? Most of the time these questions are related to weather that may or may not enter an area, reports of rain or windy conditions and even in the past […]

Hurricane IGOR Update 4 Sunday September 12, 2010

Hurricane Igor a young but strong Category 1 Hurricane continues to strengthen in the Tropical Atlantic moving West at the same speed (16 mph).  Most of the models agree that Hurricane Igor will continue west for the next couple of days when Igor will turn West Northwest and then more North Northwest keeping him far […]


Just moments ago Tropical Storm IGOR was upgraded to Hurricane IGOR a Category 1 Hurricane the 4th Hurricane of the 2010 Hurricane Season. Hurricane Igor continues moving to the West at 14 miles per hour and is expected to intensify and become a Major Category 4 hurricane during the early part of the coming week. […]

Major Flooding Affecting Mexico Coastal and Interior Areas

Residents stand outside their homes after a landslide caused by Hurricane Alex hit their neighbourhood in Monterrey

While Mexico is approaching the most important Independance Day in 200 years, their Bi-Centenial Celebration parts of Mexico won’t be celebrating in the normal way since they are struggling to keep their heads above water, literally.  While many joke about keeping our heads above water during times of financial crisis residents of the States of […]

Tropical Storm Igor Continues to Intensify in the Tropical Atlantic

Tropical Satellite Map of 3 current systems of concern to Caribbean Islands and Mexico

Tropical Storm Igor continues to intensify in the Tropical Atlantic still far from Mexico and the Caribbean Islands but moving still west just on the border of becoming the next Hurricane of the 2010 Hurricane Season. Tropical Storm Igor now with winds of 70 mph / 110 kph moving quickly (21 mph) towards the west […]

Tropical Storm IGOR Reforms in the Tropical Atlantic

Tropical Storm Igor has regained Tropical Storm Status a few minutes ago.  Currently there are NO WATCHES and NO WARNINGS in effect as a result of IGOR. Igor is moving West at 16 mph / 26 kph with winds of 40 mph / 65 kph. Tropical Storm Igor is expected to encounter excellent conditions for […]

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